Noble Trees

It seems, officially–by the date this photo was uploaded—that on January 24, 2013, life on the farm became hectic again.  The first few weeks of January were spent making last minute garden plans and participating in a few conferences.  Time spent sitting still, listening and learning, is good for the body and soul.  I returned from Columbus, Ohio, where I attended the Ohio State Nursery Short Course, truly inspired by Dr. Michael Dirr and the lectures he gave on Noble Trees.  I immediately posted this pic of the great white oak (Quercus alba)—one of my many favorite trees at Woodland Farm—that stands along Stagecoach Road.   Aware as I am that the last three months have slipped by in a flurry of seeding, transplanting, and obsessively checking the weather, I use this great Noble Tree as a reminder to slow down.  

The posts that follow are meant to catch everyone up on what has been happening in the greenhouse and gardens.  It’s magic.