By using heirloom seeds and sustainable growing techniques, the gardens at Woodland produce bountiful, flavorful harvests that are delivered to the Proof on Main and Garage Bar kitchens twice weekly.

Sustainable Techniques

Horticulturalist Stephanie Tittle never sprays chemicals on the garden’s plants, opting instead to use sustainable techniques. Beneficial insects are used to combat pests, and soil is improved with compost, cover crops, and no-till planting.

Vegetable Gardens

The vegetable gardens at Woodland feature produce that Proof on Main and gardener Stephanie Tittle select each spring. This year, dozens of varieties of tomatoes, greens, peppers, beans, beets and radishes are growing in the raised and in-ground beds.


The heated greenhouse is the newest addition to the farm. Thanks to the heated greenhouse, diners at Proof on Main (and the farm house!) will be able to enjoy fresh spinach, greens, lettuces, carrots, onions, and more all year-round.

The Orchard

This small but growing grove of fruit trees includes peach trees, pear apple trees, apple trees, and sweet and tart cherry trees, none of which are chemically sprayed. Insects that are pulled from the trees are given to the nearby chickens as free snacks.

Flower and Ornamental Gardens

Woodland’s ornamental gardens provide a colorful display of flowers and perennials throughout the year. Several notable specimen trees and plants can be found in the ornamental gardens surrounding the farm house as well.