Farm Friends

I consider myself extremely lucky, even on rainy days like today, to have the opportunity to work on a farm.  Creating a list to explain why is next to impossible as it may never end and I couldn’t begin to rate one item above the other.  I am aware and quite possibly in love with something different about the farm everyday.  Today I love all of the furry and feathered creatures that great me with what I interpret as a sincere pleasure for my presence.

Jake keeps warm on a rainy day

If you haven’t experienced a flock of chickens running full speed toward you from far across a field, well, you surely are missing out on one of the great wonders.  Boy can they move.  I like to imagine they have something exciting to share, for once we come together they cackle loudly over one another.  Not much different than when I come together with my sisters.

How about the slow mosey of a couple of French donkeys–approaching with seductive dew drop eyes and curly hair, dipping their heads without a sound, willing you to scratch their jaws softly.  Or their miniature field mates that hang back shyly waiting to see if the French ladies find your scratches pleasing.

Then there are the steadfast and loyal dogs–Jake, Asheville, Shelby, Eliose and Ferdinand–listed in order of their arrival to Woodland.  With great respect, I’ll just say that Jake is old.  Everyone in the garden refers to him as The Sheriff.  Sort of an Andy Griffith type, overseeing the farm, asking for a pat on the back and a smile.  Asheville is much more complicated.  A rescue from Asheville, North Carolina, she reserves her affections for a chosen few silently surveying the farm and passing judgement on all–I love her.  Shelby, well, she’s crazy.  A bit like the little old lady that hovers  too close but forgets about you as soon as someone else comes along.  She is sweet and has survived much, i.e., driven over by a trailer.  And then there are the pups–Ferd and Ella.  They definitely don’t look like pups anymore.  Just under 12 months, Ferd weighs in around 75 lbs, followed within 10 lbs by his sister.  Ella is quickly climbing the ranks to Alpha Queen and it is clear that Ferdinand will support her in her quest.  They are sweet and show great promise as guardians against the deer–the gardener’s enemy.

Finally no list of farm friends would be complete without a bossy barn cat.  Ours is Bobbie.  She is not much for cuddling but enjoys a good rough scratch on the back.  She makes sure it is impossible to forget to feed her with a good claw drawn swipe.  Check back for pics.