Snow Crazy




Kentuckians are famous for commenting on our unpredictable weather.  In case you don’t understand what I’m referring to, imagine a 48-hour period with bright sun, wind, dark clouds, rain, hail, tornados, wet snow ending with clear blue skies.  That really happens here.    This winter has been mild–to say the least–and I have been crossing my fingers for snow and freezing temperatures.  In 2012 we have had temperatures ranging from 15.2 degrees to as high as 70.8 degrees F.



If you are interested in learning about weather across Kentucky, check out the commonwealth’s official source for weather and climate data.

It is through the Mesonet site that the current temperature and conditions at Woodland are displayed on our homepage.  The Mesonet station for Oldham County is located atop a bison pasture.

Sunday I went to bed making a mental  note of the pictures I needed to make time to take of the different varieties of Crabapple, Daffodil, Hyacinth, Iris, Witchhazel and more.  Uploading these photographs is a wonderful way to keep up with bloom time from season to season.  Monday morning greeted me with a beautiful blanket of heavy wet snow and a number of voice mails desperately wondering if EVERYTHING IS DEAD!  For those that are worried about their flowering bulbs–no need.  The snow has melted off at such a rate, it counts as nothing short of a good slow watering.  Most of our spring bulbs handled the snow like champs but a few of them looked completely smashed.  










As for the cabbage–I believe it enjoyed the cold blanket.