Magical Fruit


Phaseolus vulgaris ‘Tiger’s Eye’ is a beautiful bean the color of my favorite crayon–maize.  It is decoratively lined with a deep rich burgundy.   I love beans for so many reasons, even before eating;  they are just so dang nice to look at in mass, and super satisfying to run your hands through.

‘Tiger’s Eye’ is a bush bean that can be eaten fresh or dried.  Originally from South America, the skin of each bean is so tender, practically disappearing when cooked.

Our Farm Manager, Kristopher Kelley, was lucky enough to have his Grandmother prepare him a big pot of ‘Tiger’s Eye’.  He raved about how delicious they were and described them as “meaty”.  We grew a limited supply–just over twenty lbs–and they were dropped off at Proof on Main this morning.