Happy Birthday Ferd & Ella!

Today is Ferdinand and Eloise’s 1st birthday.  We brought them to the farm in a small box–cute, fuzzy and stinking of puppy breath.  Within a few months they  had tripled in size and although they were extremely rambunctious they were still cute, fuzzy and stinking of puppy breath.  Today, good natured and weighing in around 70lbs–still growing– they are avid explorers and the perfect deer deterrent.

There are physical differences but none so strong as the differences in personality.  Ella’s thickly coal lined eyes match her more daring and impudent ways.  Ferd on the other hand has a more affable nature.

They spend their days lazing on straw beds in the horse barn extracting cockleburs from each others fur.  Their nights are spent prowling the property rousing unwelcome visitors.  They are welcome companions and will earn their keep well if they keep the deer from browsing in the gardens.